First, I ask clients to take out an item for me to see that they think speaks to them and how they want their home to look.

Sometimes it can even be a rug with particular colors / or a cherished antique piece / or a painting that evokes a special feeling.

Then I start moving their existing pieces around - sometimes it is merely a way of arranging or grouping things, moving things from room to room or displaying them in a new an innovative way. I then compile a "shopping wish list"of items I believe that will compliment each room. The additions can be as simple as accessory items such as greenery or books to artwork or to unique larger scale case goods or new upholstery on existing items. Window treatments updated and the room brought into a more current fresh feel.

The design process with "The ReArranger" can be done in a punch list style on a hourly rate or on a quicker process on full retainer.

"I work within all design budgets while always keeping the creative process moving forward and having fun along the way with my clients...."

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